Offsetter Stories

Lynn Leopold

Lynn Leopold has been a committed carbon offsetter for years, making donations to the Finger Lakes Climate Fund for trips to see family in Colorado, Seattle, Ireland, and Austria; and to see the wildlife in the American Prairie Reserve in Montana. Her most recent trip charted new territory…by boat!  Lynn took an 11-day voyage on a small ship from Ushuaia, Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula! The ship company took many measures to protect the environment, from treating the gray water onboard to providing the 75 passengers with reusable water bottles and “leashes” for their masks so they would not blow away into the sea. Still, Lynn recognized that this trip of a lifetime came with costs to the atmosphere, so she made a donation to the Finger Lakes Climate Fund to cover both her air and boat travel.  Lynn says: “I support the FLCF because I cannot in good conscience continue to travel without an awareness of how my carbon-emitting choices are affecting the planet, whether I drive, fly or sail by ship. What we do as wealthy countries has such an impact on poorer ones—we need only look at poor Pakistan right now, a country that is very far down the list on carbon emissions yet is suffering one of the most devastating floods in modern memory. We are fortunate to have the FLCF as a way to offset our travel and life choices. “

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