Offsetter Stories

Ithaca High School Vietnam Club

When 30 Ithaca High School students along with 7 teachers and administrators traveled to Vietnam this February, the newly formed Vietnam Club made the applaudable decision to offset their hemisphere-crossing travel emissions by donating $1000 to the Finger Lakes Climate Fund! Hip hip hooray!!

The globe-trotting group explored schools, farms, and cultural sites around the country with the aim of understanding how climate change continues to impact Vietnam’s agricultural sector and how these environmental issues are addressed in different academic settings. In the Mekong Delta Region, Vietnam’s most climate-vulnerable zone, the students attended classes in a public school in Can Tho City and learned about the reality of climate change from peers their age. 

Beyond offsetting, Bob Tuori, an Ithaca High School Chemistry Teacher, owner of Nook and Cranny Farm and organizing teacher behind the trip, has long been a supporter of local sustainability efforts. Tuori teaches a course on Sustainable Agriculture at the high school and practices what he preaches at his farm where he makes the most of his four acres of land by using it as efficiently and sustainably as possible! 

We are thrilled that these Ithaca students had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of climate change at a global scale all while contributing locally to the fight for environmental justice here in the Finger Lakes. Their donation will help a local low-income family upgrade their home energy-efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions!


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