Offsetter Stories

Irene & Rebecca

“We offset three trips. First, I offset my parents’ visit to their home country, Taiwan, where almost all our family still lives.

Second, I traveled a bunch after moving to Ithaca last fall and embarking on long-distance with my wife. Fortunately she was able to move up this summer, but then we flew all the way to Alaska for me to attend a scientific conference.

The meeting was exceptionally productive for me, but I felt torn about traveling so far to hear talks about the effects of climate change on natural systems. Just as paradoxical were the sights I saw (stunning views, receding glaciers) and the voices I heard (inspiring early professionals, Alaska Natives speaking of disrupted cycles and food insecurity).

All of it injected greater urgency to moderate future travel plans and support climate change mitigation at the federal, state, and local levels. I’m grateful for the chance to help reduce emissions in our community and will be offsetting more of my energy use through the Fund. Thank you!” – Irene & Rebecca

Watch their video here!

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