Offsetter Stories

Chupak-Katz Family

After not seeing their family in Israel for three years (due to pandemic travel delays), Cindy, Gili and their daughters Aya and Noga finally got to go in April, 2022!  They were able to spend the Passover holiday with their family, which now includes several new babies. The girls loved seeing their cousins and friends and even got to learn how to surf at a camp program in Tel Aviv!

When they heard about the Finger Lakes Climate Fund from a friend, Cindy and Gili were especially excited about the program because: (1) it keeps their offsets local (2) it uses their offsets to generate even more clean energy through heat pumps and other high efficiency systems and (3) it focuses on assisting families who need it.  They said, “Sometimes it can feel hard to know what exactly offsets are really doing, but this opportunity felt grounded and meaningful with a significant impact on real people who could easily be our friends and neighbors.”

The Chupak-Katz family knows the benefits of heat pumps first-hand because they have mini splits at their home in Danby. They not only appreciate the warmth in the winter but find the cooling in the summer “unbeatable.”  They say that “as climate change continues, it’s nice to know that our donation will go to help folks keep cool in the increasingly hot summers.”

Gili and Cindy try to live simply and according to their family’s needs. They seek out secondhand options before purchasing new and try their best to keep things local. By making an offset donation with Finger Lakes Climate Change, they are continuing to live by these principals and support their local community!

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