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Tens of thousands of dollars have come from individuals taking the time to offset everything from a bar mitzvah to monthly home heating. Amounts as generous as $10,000 and thoughtful as $4 a month help us provide low-income residents of the Finger Lakes with the tools they need for a happy, comfortable living space.

We love hearing from our offsetters and encourage them to share videos and stories of their trips or the reason why offsetting with the Climate Fund is important to them. If you’re interested in sharing why you, your Carbon Race team, or business offset, please email with a story and pictures.

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Tom Shelley

Tom calculated the carbon emissions from his wood-burning furnace and offset its emissions.

Marisa Lansing

Former Finger Lakes Climate Fund Project Coordinator Marisa offset her trip to Colorado and Montana with Meg.

Becca and Adam

Road trips are a great way to offset during the summer – Becca and Adam are one example of that.…

Michael Smith

Michael Smith offset his flight to visit his dad and summer baseball camp commute for his sons. “I fly only…

Blake Reid

Blake Reid of Terrawatt does insulation and air sealing work and makes his customers’ homes zero carbon by offsetting any…

Cynthia and Anya

“I bought my second carbon offset today ($35.07) for 5,000 miles driven with my friend Anya, and we’d like to…

Nathan S.

“I just took two quick trips to Boston to pick up and then drop off my kids and offset my…

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