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The Yantorno Home

Runaway boiler! It’s a good thing David Yantorno was working at home the day he first turned on the heat last fall. When the house grew hot and the pipes started banging, he ventured into the basement and discovered that his 1947 vintage boiler was running out of control. After finding the boiler’s kill switch and letting things cool back down, David knew it was time to get professional help on their historic home’s energy systems. Watch the Yantornos tell their story.

Angela and David Yantorno were delighted when they purchased their house on a quiet street in Ithaca’s Fall Creek neighborhood – at last a place big enough for their blended family with four young children. They knew they needed to replace the old boiler, but had hoped it could wait until they could afford it. Unfortunately, the fire risk posed by the ancient unit meant they didn’t have that option anymore.

Will Graeper of Halco Energy let them know about the 50% matching grant from NYSERDA that they qualified for, but affording the other half was a challenge. Will’s boss told him about the Finger Lakes Climate Fund, and shortly thereafter the Yantornos got the help they needed with a grant of $1,667. This was the tenth award from the Climate Fund and represented a carbon offset of 83.3 tons. Now the Yantornos are ready for their next Ithaca winter with a 98% efficient gas boiler whose variable speed pump will also reduce their electric bill. Thanks to the donors of the Finger Lakes Climate Fund, the Yantorno Family should be able to avoid further basement drama!

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