Awardee Profiles

The Westerling Home

Jonathan, while already on a tight budget, isn’t a fan of spending money to burn fossil fuels. However, with a very poorly insulated home, it became quite the challenge to stay warm in the winter without consuming many gallons of fuel oil. After 2.5 years in his Danby home, he decided he was done with simply enduring extreme indoor temperatures (45℉ in the winter and 115℉ in the summer) and finding ways to be more comfortable. After contacting Snug Planet, he got signed up for income-qualifying incentives to insulate his attic and basement along with our Climate Fund and NYSERDA grants to install a new heat pump system and heat pump water heater. Jonathan could say goodbye to his expensive fuel oil bills! So, congratulations to our 46th Climate Fund grant winner, Jonathan Westerling, for winning $4,083 towards this project. Doing so, he is preventing 69 tons of CO2 from pouring into the atmosphere if he had continued heating with fuel oil. Without the Climate Fund offsetters, he said he would never have been able to make these changes. Congrats again, Jonathan!

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