Awardee Profiles

The Roenke Home

When Sue Roenke’s propane bill ballooned to nearly $250 a month, she knew she needed to take action. The underside of her house was not insulated enough, feeding into its inability to retain the heat she was spending so much money to generate. But Sue wanted to do more than add insulation – being so concerned about climate change, she also wanted to wean herself off the propane. She had already accumulated thousands of excess NYSEG credits from the solar panels on the roof of her home in the Town of Ulysses, and the next step was to make the switch to “beneficial electrification” by installing an air source heat pump to help heat her home. Trevor from Snug Planet connected her with the Climate Fund to fill in some of the funding gaps, making this process super easy and patiently guiding her through her financing journey. With her updated digs, Sue says the biggest benefit is having to only use the propane furnace for backup (when it’s really cold!) to make sure her pipes don’t freeze. She feels like she’s making a difference with the climate – paired with her solar panels, new heat pump, and daughter’s sheep, she is definitely on the path to sustainable living! We are so pleased to present our 32nd Climate Fund Grant of $1,192 and an additional $2,000 incentive for the air-source heat pump.

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