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The Nolder Home

Daphne Nolder of Ovid has worn several hats in the Finger Lakes region, as a pastry and line chef at farm-to-table restaurants, an AirBnB manager, and an apprentice barber, as well as being involved in local sustainability issues.  “Climate change awareness and environmental protection are critical to me,” she said. “I’ve participated in many of the local efforts in banning fracking, LPG storage, and the landfill expansion. Animal welfare and wildlife protection are also extremely important to me.”  Now, she can add the Finger Lakes Climate Fund grant recipient to that list.

“I called Halco because I felt that having fuel oil as my heat source was not a sustainable choice and it didn’t feel good to me to be getting $900 fuel oil deliveries,” she explained. “I also knew that Halco offered insulation as part of their heat pump installations and felt that a more insulated home meant more efficiency in heating and cooling.”

Brandon, her Halco representative, connected her to the Climate Fund. “He was amazing, and [the improvements] wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t put so much effort into it.”

Those improvements, paid for by a grant from the Climate Fund, proved life-changing. The FLCF grant contributed to funding the improvements, but we were not the sole source of support; NYSERDA and NYSEG rebates also played a significant role. From this, Halco was able to install a heat pump system for Daphne’s entire home, including upstairs areas that she’d previously only been able to use as storage. 

The company also installed insulation and air sealing in the attic and basement, a commercial-grade dehumidifier in the basement, and a triple-safe sump pump.

“I had previously had water running through the basement and at times my sump pumps had trouble keeping up with the water. Being so close to the lake, heavy periods of rain could be concerning,” she said.  Now, those concerns are a thing of the past.  “My basement is completely dry. I also had a bit of moisture on the second floor, and with the mini split [Halco] installed up there, the dehumidification option keeps it nice and dry.”

These changes aren’t just cosmetic; for Daphne, they’ve changed her relationship with her home.  “Because of the work Halco did, I now have more access available to me on both the second floor and in the basement. Having these areas be temperature and moisture-controlled gives me so much peace of mind in protecting my home,” she said. 

Thanks to Daphne, 69 tons of CO2 were offset with this home energy upgrade. This is another great story illustrating the power of collaborative efforts to improve our living conditions and address climate issues at the same time.  By coming together, Daphne, Halco, and Sustainable Finger Lakes’ Climate Fund made an impact that will be felt for a long time to come.

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