Awardee Profiles

The Licitra Home

The Licitra Family of Lansing has received our first Climate Fund grant for heat pumps. Their 1970s ranch house had an unusual electric thermal heating system. The purpose of this rather odd system was to take advantage of cheap night electric rates to heat up a mass of bricks inside each of 4 wall arrays. The problem of course was that there was no controlling of the amount of heat from the system during the day, which faced a gradual decline in warmth as evening approached. So, they were delighted to work with Snug Planet to install two mini-split air-source heat pumps (ASHP) to provide space heating, along with a new highly efficient ASHP hot water heater.

There are no incentives for ASHP space heating, so we were glad for the opportunity to support their switch to these highly efficient systems with our award of $1,172 for the removal of 47 tons of CO2. They are delighted to have quiet, efficient warmth on demand and are looking forward to cooling their home this summer with the heat pumps as well.

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