Awardee Profiles

The Larry Home

Ruth and Robert Larry have lived in their small ranch house in the Town of Danby for 25 years. When their natural gas furnace started leaking out carbon monoxide (it was all going outside, don’t worry!), they knew they needed a change — quickly. Soon after, at a Caroline Seniors meeting, they were introduced to the HeatSmart Tompkins team. In short order they were connected with Trevor at Snug Planet who got them set up with a new heat pump and heat pump water heater system — with the price cut in half thanks to all the financial support they were eligible for! They won a carbon offset grant of $1,056 and another $2,300 in heat pump incentives from Sustainable Tompkins. These improvements will remove 52 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere thanks to those who offset with the Climate Fund. They are looking forward to staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer, continuing to provide a welcoming space to their grandkids and family.

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