Awardee Profiles

The Khatkhate Home

Radhika Khatkhate is a single parent living in the Town of Ithaca with her two children. Their home is spacious with beautiful views of the city, but even though it was built in the late 80s, it was very poorly insulated and drafty. Worse, it was heated by inefficient electric resistance baseboard and a direct-vent gas fireplace. Snug Planet got them signed up for the Empower and Assisted Home Performance program to do extensive air sealing, insulating of the attic and hot water pipes, and installation of high efficiency LED bulbs. But they needed the Climate Fund to pitch in and help cover the costs of a new air-source heat pump to provide highly-efficient space heating. Pictured is Wailin Phyo of Snug Planet working on the ASHP compressor unit.

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