Awardee Profiles

The Harber Home

We were so happy to grant our 43rd Climate Fund award of $4,500 to Becca Harber in Newfield, NY. Becca is a long-time community herbalist who has heated with wood for many decades. But now as she ages in place, she wants to be able to leave her home during the winter months to visit elderly relatives. With a wood stove as the main heating source and no backup for the past two winters, this hasn’t been feasible. After connecting with HeatSmart Tompkins and Halco, she was on the path to securing a more reliable heating system that worked for her (and the planet!). Halco installed a whole house air source heat pump system. To her surprise, after adding up all of the financial incentives, it was very affordable on her retiree budget. Becca received our maximum carbon offset grant of $2,500 for the 168 tons of CO2 kept out of the atmosphere by switching from firewood to a heat pump system. She also received our additional $2,000 HeatSmart incentive for the ASHP. Now her home is cozier than ever during all seasons!

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