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The Gray Home

Eric Gray was poised to install a new propane boiler all by himself until Snug Planet laid out all the financial programs available to his family, which meant they could afford to have trained contractors safely and reliably install the new system for them. Eight months ago, Eric, his wife Kelly, and two children moved into a 200 year-old farm house with fuel oil storage tanks too thin for fuel delivery, a 60% efficient, 40 year-old oil boiler, and minimal insulation. It would cost them $6,000 to install two new fuel tanks to provide the clunky inefficient old boiler with fuel oil. They wanted to install a different system instead, if they could afford it. The old farmhouse was way too big and poorly insulated to be a candidate for heat pumps on their budget. So, Snug Planet suggested that the best option for now would be a new high-efficiency propane boiler, allowing them to remove the old fuel oil equipment. Thanks to the Climate Fund and NYSERDA funding support available, the price became affordable for them to get this much needed work done. The Grays are super pleased to have a reliable, local company to install their new, more energy-efficient system and are enjoying living out in the Covert countryside in Seneca County. The Grays will remove 82 tons of CO2 over the lifespan of the project and won a Climate Fund grant of $2,098!

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