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The Gore Home

A 60% reduction in their January heating bill! That’s just one of the many benefits the Gore family in Cortland received from the work Snug Planet did on their home in November. The Gores received our 26th Finger Lakes Climate Fund grant of $1,093 to help pay for a new boiler and lots of insulation and air sealing which is going to keep 44 tons of CO2 out of our atmosphere. Early last fall they discovered that their old boiler was inoperable and too old to find new parts for repairs. Snug Planet came out and did an energy assessment and let them know that both of their attics were uninsulated and drafty, and they needed a number of other energy fixes as well. Rick is out on disability, so Snug put together a package of energy subsidies along with our Climate Fund grant so they could immediately enjoy lower home energy costs. The Gores are so grateful for the excellent job done by Snug Planet and the support from our local carbon offsetters!

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