Awardee Profiles

The Glenn Home

Daycare saved by the bell! Sarah Glenn was running her daycare business like a boss… until the cold months hit. She has lived in Hector for the past 9 years with her two young daughters, running a small farm (chickens, ducks, sheep, and more!) and her daycare, Alpine Children’s House. As a small business owner operating out of her own home, she especially needed reliable heating in the winter months to accommodate the needs of the young children she was caring for. However, their leaky, uninsulated 1850 farmhouse was not liveable. In the winter, they had to crowd into the one room with the woodstove to stay warm and closed off the second floor to keep the heat in. But then Halco and the Finger Lakes Climate Fund came along! Sarah applied to the Climate Fund, and was awarded $4,500 to install a new heat pump system and lots and lots of spray-foam insulation in the attic and basement. Sarah replaced her 6 cords of firewood a year with a lovely new heat pump, preventing 294 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Thanks to her new heating system, she is able to open her business back up. Congrats to the Glenn Family for winning our 52nd Climate Fund grant award!

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