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The Cardwell Home

Pat Cardwell lives alone now with her little dog, surrounded by her collection of dolls from around the world. Her husband passed away a few years ago, leaving many unfinished projects in their old house in a working class neighborhood in Elmira. With a very modest fixed income, she was in need of assistance when both her furnace and water heater aged out in their chronically wet basement. Thanks to Snug Planet, she was much more prepared for winter this year with new heating equipment and an insulated attic. And thanks to the Corning Mothers Out Front chapter that has been raising money for carbon offset projects in the Southern Tier, Pat received our 30th Climate Fund grant of $1,606 for the 64 tons of CO2 that the energy improvements will keep out of our atmosphere. With additional subsidies from NYS, Pat only had to cover 16% of the costs, and with lower energy bills now, she’ll be money ahead and a lot more comfortable.

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