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The Cantori Home

Maija Cantori quickly found out that heating with propane and a wood stove can get super expensive – not just for her wallet but also for the environment! After fixing some parts on her old electric water heater, dealing with her furnace’s uneven heating and ongoing surface mold issues in the basement, she was ready for a major switch. It was time to get off of fossil fuels! Maija plugged into the HeatSmart Tompkins program, and was happy to work with Snug Planet to install a new air source heat pump system as well as an air source heat pump water heater. Today, she’s so pleased with the air conditioning features, moisture control, and stable heating the system provides. Despite taking out a small loan and having slightly increased electric bills, she’s still paying much less than she was before – only burning wood as backup heat when absolutely necessary! Maija and her 2 kids live in Ithaca with Maija’s parents. Over the lifespan of these improvements, the Cantori family will prevent 39 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. They’re very grateful for the $1,003 carbon offset grant, $2,000 ASHP incentive, and an additional $300 for the ASHP water heater!

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