Awardee Profiles

The Calori Home

Cynthia Calori says she has something now that her family never had before:  her entire house is comfortable to walk into, regardless of the season!  This is more than just a luxury; consistent temperatures are very important for Cynthia’s health, as well as for her beloved 22-year-old African Grey Parrot, Damian! (In case you were wondering, Damian speaks over 1,000 words and is highly intelligent.)

When Cynthia purchased the small house in 2000, it “didn’t seem to breathe,” and was cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  Halco/Snug Planet conducted an energy audit of her home and Sean helped Cynthia figure out all the paperwork to apply for funding.  She said he was “lovely” and stuck with her for almost a year to find a package Cynthia could afford.  Halco/Snug Planet added insulation, did an electrical upgrade to the home, and installed an air source heat pump system.

After the home upgrade, Cynthia discovered that the heat pump quickly improved the home’s air quality, which has been especially helpful for her grandson with asthma.  And, she says “We felt really good about no longer burning fossil fuels.”

Having the home upgrade was a “godsend” for Cynthia, especially after she retired, when it became more challenging to keeping things going.  It brought her peace of mind.  We’re so glad that Cynthia and Damian now have a comfy home in every season!

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