Awardee Profiles

The Cail/Myers Home

For decades, Krys Cail and Tom Myers heated their home with local firewood on their 24-acre piece of land in the Town of Ithaca. As they approach retirement, they wanted to find a new, creative solution to continue heating and cooling their home (that they built themselves!) in a sustainable way. This ingenuity and sustainability value is so evident in the way they wallpapered their home from Krys’s father’s second-hand shop, and used salvaged materials and passive solar windows to construct their beautiful home. They were delighted to partner with Nick from NP Environmental to model their energy needs based on the design of the home they know so well. Krys and Tom are looking forward to learning more about how to work with their new heat pump technology — and not having to haul and stack firewood (unless they need some backup heating)! Their project will remove 80 tons of CO2 from the audience for a Climate Grant of $2,004 plus a $2,000 HeatSmart incentive for their heat pump.

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