Awardee Profiles

The Bouma Home

We love helping young families who are eagerly moving towards using fewer and fewer greenhouse gases. Meet the Boumas, our 65th Climate Fund grant winners! Based in downtown Ithaca, they started the process of looking for adequate air conditioning last year, after a very hot summer. Think there might be more of those ahead? You might be right. They didn’t have air conditioning and really suffered through it, especially as a very outdoorsy, active family. You can always find the kids outside playing soccer! They called Heatsmart Tompkins who pointed them to a few installers, and they ultimately worked with Dailey Electric to install a new air source heat pump, as well as a new heat pump water heater. Their new system was installed in May, and they reported that the indoor air temperature and air conditioning has been above and beyond their expectations – especially with this very humid summer. Congratulations to the Boumas for winning $4,300 towards this project – the $2,300 from the Heatsmart LMI program and $2,000 FLCF carbon offset award (goodbye 80 tons of CO2!). What a big step it is to shut off the gas line to your house and become fully electric!

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