Awardee Profiles

The Bojanowski Home

Julie said she has three thumbs up! Her home is fully electric, off kerosene, and running off a local solar farm! She lives in the Town of Danby and bought her house two years ago with the help of INHS. Since living here, she was paying for a very expensive, old kerosene furnace. After a free in-home energy audit, Halco updated her energy system to a brand new, energy-efficient, all-electric air-source heat pump. She is rid of kerosene completely! Julie is so pleased with the unexpected benefit of AC in the summertime. For 2022, she’s very excited to compare a full year’s worth of bills with her new system to the energy-intensive kerosene and see all of the savings. Julie is so grateful for this funding ($3,760 from our Climate Fund and Heatsmart grants)– as a one-income household, she wouldn’t have been able to afford the switch on her own. 

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