Awardee Profiles

The Mizrahi Home

Congratulations to our 72nd awardees, the Mizrahi family! Kerry and Ross Mizrahi are music teachers who live in Ithaca with their two daughters, Saia and Emma.  Their home’s two old heating systems—a forced air furnace in the basement and electric baseboard hot water heat upstairs– were not working well and were loud!  They reached out to Heat Smart Tompkins for help and were told about grants, including the Finger Lakes Climate Fund.

The Mizrahi family home was upgraded with air source heat pumps, a heat pump hot water heater and an electric outlet for a dryer. This got them off natural gas entirely! Kerry and Ross say that the new systems are so quiet, and the cooling has been amazing. “In 21 years of marriage we’ve never had functional air conditioning and we are LOVING it.”

Kerry and Ross say there’s no way the family could have afforded any of this work without help, so they feel incredibly grateful that grants like the Finger Lakes Climate Fund made it possible.  Their home upgrades will keep 103 tons of CO2 out of the air.  The Mizrahis are Climate Heroes!

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