Awardee Profiles

Garland Home

Sharon Garland knew she needed an energy system that was sturdy, reliable, and fit to handle the dust generated by the many rescue dogs she cares for in her little log cabin home. Sharon lives out in Brooktondale, spending most of her time as a veterinary technician, making cheese with her neighbor, training sheepdogs, and running her sheep farm… she really does it all! And as she ages, she doesn’t want to be hauling firewood nor stressing about the steadily climbing propane prices. Since she already installed solar on the roof of her tenant’s garage apartment, she knew the Heatsmart drill and that she qualified for incentive support. NP Environmental set her right up with a new air source heat pump and heat pump water heater. Goodbye, propane! Sharon couldn’t rave enough about how reliable and helpful NP was in troubleshooting any challenges she came across in adjusting to how the heat pump works (like cleaning the filters). The secret perk, she admits, is also the air conditioning! She always had trouble keeping her little log cabin cool – which gets a lot of morning sun – Sharon said that even running the heat pump on the dehumidifying setting took the moisture right out of the air and did the trick. She’s a happy camper. Goodbye, 42 tons of CO2.

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