Awardee Profiles

Cramer/Lane Home

David Lane and his wife Jennie Cramer migrated with their young son to the Finger Lakes region from Corvallis, Oregon when Jennie’s interest in having an organic farm merged with nostalgia for the landscapes of her childhood. David found work as an Evaluation Specialist for the Northeastern IPM Center at Cornell and Jennie at Tompkins County Cooperative Extension, and they soon were settled in an old farmhouse in the Town of Ledyard in Cayuga County. Of course, it was leaky and barely insulated with a fuel oil water heater on the verge of collapse, so they soon had a call into Snug Planet for help. With a limited budget, they were glad to receive our 25th Finger Lakes Climate Fund grant for $1,012 to help pay for a new ultra-efficient air source heat pump water heater and lots of hunting down and sealing of cracks in the foundation and around windows and doors. David and Jennie are well on their way toward their farming dream. An existing solar array on the barn powers the new water heater and electrical load on the farm, and their new meadery, Wild Nectar Mead LLC, is up and producing. Doubtless we’ll be hearing more from this sustainability-minded couple in the future.

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