Awardee Profiles

Colgan/Pruyne Home

Finding a home in the Southside neighborhood of Ithaca was the perfect solution for Aislyn Colgan and Harry Pruyne and their children Emerald and Padrick. But, as is typical of century-old homes in upstate NY, it was extremely drafty and poorly insulated. Specifically, a lot of homes in this neighborhood on ‘the flats’ of Ithaca have wood-frame foundation walls above grade with masonry foundation walls below grade. Air leakage from the basement and crawlspace through the wood-frame walls was extreme, making the new furnace work hard to keep the family warm. Snug Planet helped the family secure Empower funds from NYS and our 29th Climate Fund grant for $998 to cover the costs of installing Tyvek air barriers and foam insulation around the foundation, and weatherstripping the attic and crawl space hatches.

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