Adams Home

Just a heat pump? A heat pump water heater? No way. Emily Adams wouldn’t settle for just that. She was ready to go fossil fuel-free! Emily decided to return to her childhood home from living abroad in Europe when she learned her father needed some more at-home care. However, she needed to find a way to make it work – she knew the old, forced air heating system she grew up with was still in place; it blew around a lot of dust nor did it heat the house very well or evenly. It also made a lot of noise. After connecting with the Energy Navigators, light bulbs were going off in her head! She made the move work and dove into a ton of DIY projects to make the house way more energy efficient – which included installing not just a heat pump and water heater…but also an induction stove and heat pump washer and dryer! Halco connected them with all the incentives and grants as well as NYSERDA’s 0% loan financing, which allowed them to pay off some of the insulation work and even put a little towards putting up a small solar array. Emily’s 6’4” husband was also so happy to be able to remove the heat ducts in the basement, so he could finally walk around down there!