Carbon Race Teams

We’re racing against the clock when it comes to preventing extreme climate disruption.

Don’t you agree it will be much more fun to race together? We created the Carbon Races as a fun, team-based way to take CO2 out of our atmosphere by pooling our efforts at taking responsibility for our personal and workrelated emissions. Of course, we want everyone to do their best to keep shrinking their fossil fuel consumption, but for those currently unavoidable emissions, you can join with others to make a difference! Working together, you’ll be able to take pride that your offsets helped fund home heating improvements for local, lower-income households.

Businesses, neighborhoods, churches, organizations - any group of people can form a team and combine their efforts to see who can offset the most every month. At the end of each month, we will celebrate the top teams for pounds of CO2 offset, number of offsets, or number of players on the team. Teams can also vie for top spots for the entire year!

Plus everyone who makes an offset can spin the prize wheel for a chance to win one of dozens of great prizes from local businesses. We think climate protection deserves a reward!

Or Run Solo

If you don't want to join or create a team for the Carbon Races, we invite you to compete solo against other individuals. Just make a carbon offset and then register as an Individual and every offset you make will accrue to your account on our Leaderboard and give you another opportunity to win a prize from one of our supporting local businesses


Carbon Races

Rank Team Total lbs CO2 offset County
1Sustainable Tompkins1665511 lbsTompkins
2Friends of Ellen1306761 lbsTompkins
3Mothers Out Front - Corning Community Team369677 lbsSteuben
4Fernow and Friends359836 lbsTompkins
5Halco Energy324000 lbsTompkins
6Friends of Discover Cayuga Lake258858 lbsTompkins
7CCETC Environment Team142699 lbsTompkins
8Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Binghamton139515 lbsBroome
9Tompkins County Climate Protection Initiative116195 lbsTompkins
10GreenClub103200 lbsTompkins
11Max's Bar Mitzvah83460 lbsTompkins
12Paddle-N-More80000 lbsTompkins
13Tikkun v'Or77305 lbsTompkins
14Wells College Center for Sustainability77067 lbsCayuga
15Team Gridley63957 lbsTompkins
16Colgate University 52413 lbsMadison
17Columbia | SIPA41040 lbsColumbia
18Ardmortals37059 lbsTompkins
19Camp Pickleson25541 lbsTompkins
20Lansing Ospreys18356 lbsTompkins
21Brylinsky Family11746 lbsTompkins
22Sustainability Center and Finger Lakes ReUse11142 lbsTompkins
23Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival 20179626 lbsTompkins
24Central New York9316 lbsOnondaga
25Lake George Climate Team9110 lbsSaratoga
26Regenepreneurs8429 lbsTompkins
27NYPAN-SFL (NY Progressive Action Network - So. Finger Lakes)3448 lbsBroome
28Binghamton University Phi Alpha Delta2800 lbsBroome
29Rochester Community Team--Mothers Out Front2031 lbsMonroe
30Fall Creek Brass Band1567 lbsTompkins
31TeamKI1240 lbsTompkins
32Friends of Sally Gagnon 1238 lbsTioga
33Cornell Campus Sustainability Office862 lbsTompkins
34NY NEST854 lbsBroome
35Lee and Cheong706 lbsTompkins
36Binghamton Women's Soccer 670 lbsBroome
37Get Your GreenBack!276 lbsTompkins
Rank Individual Total lbs CO2 offset
1Park Foundation, Inc218257 lbs
2Alicia Wittink131040 lbs
3Beck Equipment80080 lbs
4Natural Investments80000 lbs
5Stuart Staniford68288 lbs
6John Keevert57596 lbs
7Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future51040 lbs
8Susan Robinson42198 lbs
9Snug Planet40000 lbs
10WillieWillie Max37712 lbs
11Dave Ritchie32541 lbs
12Juliette Corazón28560 lbs
13kathy russell25240 lbs
14Firelight Camps20000 lbs
15Dailey Electric, Inc.20000 lbs
16Liz16216 lbs
17Jennifer Wilkins13936 lbs
18CCE-TC Environment Team12985 lbs
19Maggie Mowrer12485 lbs
20Jordan Yanowitz11004 lbs
21Todd Cowen9613 lbs
22Lisa (Stratton Charitable Fund)8000 lbs
23Dan Broadway and Alice King8000 lbs
24Luna Oiwa7015 lbs
25Sierra Club Finger Lakes Group6400 lbs
26Sarah Toner5310 lbs
27Terry Carroll5270 lbs
28Megan5058 lbs
29Joe Burke4000 lbs
30James Leonard3297 lbs
31Cynthia3208 lbs
32Nick Goldsmith3128 lbs
33-1888 lbs
34Cheyenne Carter1522 lbs
35David Morris 1357 lbs
36Irene Komor740 lbs
37Colton Poore603 lbs
38Caroline Hyneman0 lbs
39Wes Ernsberger0 lbs
40Elizabeth Braymen0 lbs
41Leslie Danks Burke0 lbs
42Jebediah and Christina Mead0 lbs
43Sox Sperry and Lisa Tsetse0 lbs
44Simply Installs, LLC0 lbs
45The Rainy Day Fund0 lbs
46Todd Saddler0 lbs
47Martha Robertson0 lbs
48Elliot Frost0 lbs
49gamaypatti@gmail.com0 lbs
50Jared Jones0 lbs
51Sungineer Solar0 lbs
52Social Ventures, Inc.0 lbs
53Leslie Danks-Burke0 lbs
54Trautmann Family Fund0 lbs
55William and Carol Klepack0 lbs
56Charles Geisler0 lbs
57Sasha Paris0 lbs
58Chris Braymen0 lbs
59Solar Tompkins0 lbs
60Nancy Jacobson0 lbs
61Karin Suskin0 lbs
62Robert Wolcott0 lbs
63Gerri Wiley0 lbs
64Philip and Mary Lu McPheron0 lbs
65Halco0 lbs
66Thomas Butler0 lbs
67Greg Nelson0 lbs
68Joe Wilson0 lbs
69Phillips Kleinberg Family Fund0 lbs
70R Paul Moore0 lbs
71Judy Jones0 lbs
72Carol Bushberg Real Estate0 lbs
73Lynn Leopold0 lbs
74Wells College0 lbs
75Colgate University0 lbs
76Joseph B. Yavitt and Susan M. Merkel0 lbs
77Robert L. Cooper and Lucy Keeler0 lbs
78Regi Teasley0 lbs
79Judy Epstein0 lbs
80Peter McDonald0 lbs
81Catriona Breen0 lbs
82Megan Szerwo0 lbs
83Vanessa Fajans-Turner0 lbs
84Polly Marion0 lbs
85Elizabeth Riley0 lbs
86Suresh Sethi0 lbs
87Lisa Kilgore0 lbs
88alex0 lbs