Discover Cayuga Lake

For two decades, Discover Cayuga Lake (DCL) has engaged students, community members, and visitors in learning about the ecology and history of Cayuga Lake and its watershed. DCL is committed to providing equitable access to Cayuga Lake and to fostering an appreciation of the importance of the Finger Lakes watersheds for local ecosystems, human use, and natural beauty.

Discover Cayuga Lake makes an offset donation to the Finger Lakes Climate Fund annually to cover the emissions from the fuel used to power their boat, the MV Teal. In addition, they host an annual Carbon Offset Cruise. Further, DCL provides a check box on their cruise reservation page, so any passenger can choose to make a $1 donation to the FLCF when they book their ticket.

Discover Cayuga Lake provides fun, beauty, education, and inspiration to so many people in our community and beyond. The Finger Lakes Climate Fund is honored to partner with Discover Cayuga Lake!