Life-changing impact​

The Finger Lakes Climate Fund has funded residential energy efficiency projects for low to moderate income households in the Finger Lakes region since 2011. The fund helps pay for insulation, air sealing, energy efficient heating equipment, and other upgrades to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The energy efficiency upgrades are carried out by Building Performance Institute accredited contractors using guidelines provided by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. These home energy efficiency projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support low income families, and help stimulate our local economy.

Awardee Profiles

We are proud to present these profiles of the home owners that have benefited from Finger Lakes
Climate Fund grants. Thanks to the many donors to the Fund, these local families will be less
vulnerable to rising fossil fuel prices and better positioned to remain stable and secure property
owners. Over the long term, everyone benefits – the donors, the homeowners, local energy
contractors, and the community.

The Rosentel Home

Grant Amount: $1,500 CO2 Offset: 130 tons
Our second grant was made to Jill Rosentel of Lansing in February 2011. Jill is a real estate agent and a first-time home buyer. Even though she was really excited...
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The Ellis Home

Grant Amount: $1,008 CO2 Offset: 50 tons
Our first grant award from the Finger Lakes Climate Fund went to the Ellis Family in December 2010. Michael, Sherri, and their daughter, Emily, love their home in the woods,...
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Ian Shapiro

Grant Amount: $1896 CO2 Offset: 76 tons
Renters can get heat pumps too! Pictured here are Gwen and Ian. Ian, our 63rd Climate Fund grant winner, owns a duplex on Cascadilla Street in downtown Ithaca, where Gwen...
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The Mizrahi Home

Grant Amount: $2500 CO2 Offset: 103 tons
Congratulations to our 72nd awardees, the Mizrahi family! Kerry and Ross Mizrahi are music teachers who live in Ithaca with their two daughters, Saia and Emma.  Their home’s two old heating...
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The Calori Home

Grant Amount: $1723 CO2 Offset: 68 tons
Cynthia Calori says she has something now that her family never had before:  her entire house is comfortable to walk into, regardless of the season!  This is more than just...
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