Life-changing impact​

The Finger Lakes Climate Fund has funded residential energy efficiency projects for low to moderate income households in the Finger Lakes region since 2011. The fund helps pay for insulation, air sealing, energy efficient heating equipment, and other upgrades to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The energy efficiency upgrades are carried out by Building Performance Institute accredited contractors using guidelines provided by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. These home energy efficiency projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support low income families, and help stimulate our local economy.

Awardee Profiles

We are proud to present these profiles of the home owners that have benefited from Finger Lakes
Climate Fund grants. Thanks to the many donors to the Fund, these local families will be less
vulnerable to rising fossil fuel prices and better positioned to remain stable and secure property
owners. Over the long term, everyone benefits – the donors, the homeowners, local energy
contractors, and the community.

Adams Home

Grant Amount: $500 CO2 Offset: 8 tons
Just a heat pump? A heat pump water heater? No way. Emily Adams wouldn’t settle for just that. She was ready to go fossil fuel-free! Emily decided to return to...
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Garland Home

Grant Amount: $3,358 CO2 Offset: 42 tons
Sharon Garland knew she needed an energy system that was sturdy, reliable, and fit to handle the dust generated by the many rescue dogs she cares for in her little...
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The Bojanowski Home

Grant Amount: $3,760 CO2 Offset: 70 tons
Julie said she has three thumbs up! Her home is fully electric, off kerosene, and running off a local solar farm! She lives in the Town of Danby and bought...
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The Green Home

Grant Amount: $3,757 CO2 Offset: 58 tons
The Climate Fund is helping babies be the most comfortable in their homes! Who would’ve thought!? Meet our 54th grant winners, the Green family! Pictured here is Claire and her...
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The Pothier/Jones Home

Grant Amount: $3,921 CO2 Offset: 77 tons
Meet the hardiest people out there, the Pothier/Jones family! Chris and Geoff have lived in their family home in Brooktondale for the past 40 years. When they moved in, the...
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The Wishna Home

Grant Amount: $2,998 CO2 Offset: 40 tons
New builds are abound! Meet Robyn, our 66th Climate Fund grant winner, local photographer and organizer for Spirit of Tompkins and the We are Ithaca project. As a very active...
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